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We’ll send you tenants that match your criteria and set up tours - once we find a match, we handle all legals, payments, and admin for the full rental term

About us

Who we are and what we do

What is PlaceHolder?

We're an online marketplace connecting those with unused warehouse space with fast-growing companies that have outgrown their facilities

What is Hosting?

Our Hosts monetize their unused warehouse space by turning it into a profit center - get the best rates for your space and free dedicated support from our local team

We handle everything

• Listing your space in the PlaceHolder Marketplace

• Professional photos of your space

• Matching with Verified Guests based on your criteria

• Legal agreements

• Payments and invoicing

• Security Deposit management

• Dispute resolution

Why use PlaceHolder?

We work on your terms

Monetize your place

Listing your warehouse space with us is free. No commissions or fees - even when we find you a tenant

Tailored for you

We listen to what you want. We’ll start by understanding your space and the kind of tenant(s) you’re looking for

Hassle free

We’ll handle it all from day one including advertising, tours, legal paperwork, invoicing, payments, and dispute resolution


We review the profiles and company information of all interested parties to find you tenants that will treat your space with respect


Your questions answered

Question about Warehouse Host

How should I choose my listing’s price?

That’s up to you! You have 100% control over what you want to charge. We recommend that Hosts compare their space and amenities to other postings in their area to see what the market will bear.

Our team is standing by ready to help and can suggest a range of recommended prices.

How long are the rental terms?
What if I need my space back?
How does payment work?
How can the service be free for Hosts?

Happy Hosts

We are proud to serve businesses from a wide range of industries and at various growth stages, no matter if you're a private warehouse owner or an operator – we'll be happy to help