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Warehouse Space for Rent: Logistics’ Answer to Airbnb Is Here

There is one common logistics optimization technique you are guaranteed to see being utilized by industry leaders across various usage profiles and business sizes. 

This strategy is widely used by high-growth companies looking to increase their real estate footprint and by globally-recognized brands looking to expand into new markets or optimize their operations in a particular region. It can be leveraged by companies regardless of budget and can help businesses save on their bottom line. What is it?

The strategy is utilizing flexible warehouse space for rent. Businesses today satisfy their need to scale quickly by using multiple warehouse buildings for rent across various locations. These flexible spaces allow businesses to accommodate more items without the risk of investing a hefty sum of money in a permanent warehouse they will quickly outgrow. This approach to a  warehouse lease also lets businesses safely test the waters in new markets. By finding a warehouse for rent instead of buying a permanent warehouse space, businesses can be flexible and reduce risk.

Benefits of renting warehouse space

Choosing to utilize warehouse buildings for rent comes with a unique set of advantages that will give your company a competitive edge.

Many companies experience seasonal fluctuations in demand for their goods. A bustling, at-capacity warehouse in the winter may be sitting nearly empty during the summer and vice-versa for other businesses. Of course, this is just a visual representation of the true underlying problem: wasted money on unused space. Businesses in this position are overpaying for storage space they only need some of the time.

In contrast, utilizing flexible warehouse space for rent allows businesses to pay for the exact amount of space they need. Smart business owners and logistics operators who need to consider demand fluctuations rent warehouse spaces that can flex up and down as required and don’t require multi-year commitments. 

Another common customer of warehouses for rent are established companies looking to expand into new markets. During geographic expansion, there’s always a question of whether there will be sufficient and sustained demand in a new region. The up-front cost of buying a warehouse can be an expensive gamble. 

The choice to rent a warehouse requires less financial investment and can generate sales growth without the significant risk to profitability caused by a less flexible storage solution. 

Buying a warehouse space requires a major investment of funds. Is it necessary? Most logistics leaders would answer resoundingly, “No.” With so many options for great warehouse space for rent, warehouses owned by businesses themselves are quickly becoming a relic of a less-agile past.

The more transit points your goods pass through, the higher the likelihood they become damaged along the way. When a product moves from a warehouse to a distribution point, it gets loaded from truck to trolley to shelf multiple times before it reaches the final customer. Each of these handoffs increases the chances of damage in transit and that the product the end customer paid for will be returned. In fact, e-commerce retailers lose billions of dollars each year from returns of damaged goods.

This is why many large companies with delivery zones over a wide distribution area find it makes more sense to rent a warehouse to store goods in local areas. This way, there’s plenty of storage space where goods can be kept in stock and ready to make a shorter journey to the customer when an order is placed.

Real estate can be a sound business investment but it also comes with drawbacks. How much will a big down payment and loan affect your business’ solvency? What potential risks, like property damage and unexpected maintenance, will eat their way into your profitability? Most importantly, how do you know that your projected storage requirements at the time of purchase will remain stable?

All of these considerations are behind the trend of utilizing flexible warehouse units for rent. When you rent warehouse space, you give yourself the flexibility to adapt to changing business circumstances. PlaceHolder helps you rent warehouse space without being locked into a long-term commitment.

The pandemic has led to the e-commerce world making a huge jump forward that is likely here to stay. Customers also expect to get their orders faster than ever, which means that the companies with regional and local fulfilment centers have an advantage. With numerous warehouse spaces available for rent in Toronto, there are few barriers to pivoting your business for the new reality of retail.

Do any of the items on the list above resonate with you? If so, read on to learn more about how finding a warehouse for rent can benefit your business.

How to rent a warehouse property

There are plenty of warehouse units for rent, but finding the right one is easier said than done. Most businesses simply can’t afford to spend months looking for a suitable warehouse property for rent

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How can renting a warehouse benefit my business?

Warehousing rentals are a key opportunity for businesses planning to expand or optimize operations without the large costs that come with building or buying a space. You will save on costs and gain efficiency by leveraging flexible warehouses for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. 

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